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Zitro Permit Expeditors, LLC (Zitro) is a professional service company that processes construction permits and consults its clients for building permits in the South Florida area (Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties). Zitro also processes licensing for short stay rentals, Vacation Rental Applications.

The founder, Priscilla Ortiz, has over 20 years of construction knowledge, working with the government in Building and Zoning as executive administrator and management. With her degree in Urban and Regional Planning and expertise with the government system, she became a permit consultant/permit expediter in 2006 for the private sector to help clients navigate all the red tape involved. Priscilla and her team have been consulting clients on their time sensitive construction projects.

Zitro has professionally expedited permits for Commercial and Residential projects for over a decade. They assist in the process and paperwork of all types of construction from interior build outs, home renovation, single family homes, stand-alone permit and subs permits. Projects range from the ground up to simple water heater change out, no job is too small or too big. Priscilla’s team works diligently to get your project permitted. Zitro prides itself as being completely hands on, keeping you updated every step of the way.

They work closely with architects, contractors, developers, homeowners and realtors – locally in South Florida as well as nationwide. Zitro resolves permit violations, expired permits, lien reductions, municipal issues and much more.

In 2016, Zitro Permit Expeditors decided to launch a new service division for Vacation Rental Licensing in the Broward County area for licensing short-term rentals. Our team processes all the paperwork needed in order to get your property licensed for your Vacation Rental License. They apply for all requirements – State, County, and City licenses and prepare all applications required to get you licensed without you having the hassle with the paperwork that is goes into it.

Thank you for visiting our website, Zitro looks forward to servicing your construction and licensing needs.

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